Elephant canvas and nursery picture wall

Baby Moss will be here before we know it so I wanted to give you a few nursery updates. The nursery is all done now but I am going to wait for the final reveal until he is born and we can put his name on the wall to show you all šŸ™‚

He is due on December 16th so less than a month! Here I am a few days ago:

One project I knew I wanted to do in the nursery was a picture wall. I wanted to include a picture of Nick and I when we were babies along with some pictures of our little one, once he arrives.

I also wanted to add some DIY artwork and decided to use a small canvas and felt to make an elephant art piece.

I used my iron on hem tape left over from the nursery closet curtains to cover a large area of my felt. That way, when I cut out my elephant it would all be covered with the hem tape and ready to be ironed on to my fabric. Felt is flammable so I had to use a rag in between the felt and hem tape and the iron. After the hem tape was adherred, I used a clipart picture to cut out the elephant on the felt.

I then cut out a piece of fabric slightly bigger than the canvas so I could wrap it around. I then iron the elephant onto the fabric (using a rag in between again). But first I had to take the paper off the hem tape before ironing on the elephant.

After I ironed on the elephant, I then stapled the fabric around the canvas.

Here it is finished:

And here it is up on the photo wall above the changing table/dresser.

This is a picture of me when I was a baby.

And baby Nick and my shower invite

This is the first ultrasound we got of baby Moss at 8 weeks

When Nick and I went to the doctors to find out the sex of our baby, we had the technician write the sex in a card. We then sealed it and opened it at dinner that night. We wanted to find out while out on a romantic dinner rather than when we were at the doctor’s office. Below is the card framed and a picture of us after we opened the envelope to find out we were having a boy!

I also framed a page from a book that Nick’s mom filled out for him when he was a kid. I thought it would be cute for Baby Moss to see what his daddy liked when he was a kid.

We also left a few frames empty for pictures of the babe when he arrives. Here is a picture of the whole wall. The ‘Made with Love’ sign was a gift from my grandmother. It was originally pink and aqua so I just painted the wooden letters navy to match the rest of the nursery. I love how the wall came out! What do you think?


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