Elephant canvas and nursery picture wall

Baby Moss will be here before we know it so I wanted to give you a few nursery updates. The nursery is all done now but I am going to wait for the final reveal until he is born and we can put his name on the wall to show you all 🙂

He is due on December 16th so less than a month! Here I am a few days ago:

One project I knew I wanted to do in the nursery was a picture wall. I wanted to include a picture of Nick and I when we were babies along with some pictures of our little one, once he arrives.

I also wanted to add some DIY artwork and decided to use a small canvas and felt to make an elephant art piece.

I used my iron on hem tape left over from the nursery closet curtains to cover a large area of my felt. That way, when I cut out my elephant it would all be covered with the hem tape and ready to be ironed on to my fabric. Felt is flammable so I had to use a rag in between the felt and hem tape and the iron. After the hem tape was adherred, I used a clipart picture to cut out the elephant on the felt.

I then cut out a piece of fabric slightly bigger than the canvas so I could wrap it around. I then iron the elephant onto the fabric (using a rag in between again). But first I had to take the paper off the hem tape before ironing on the elephant.

After I ironed on the elephant, I then stapled the fabric around the canvas.

Here it is finished:

And here it is up on the photo wall above the changing table/dresser.

This is a picture of me when I was a baby.

And baby Nick and my shower invite

This is the first ultrasound we got of baby Moss at 8 weeks

When Nick and I went to the doctors to find out the sex of our baby, we had the technician write the sex in a card. We then sealed it and opened it at dinner that night. We wanted to find out while out on a romantic dinner rather than when we were at the doctor’s office. Below is the card framed and a picture of us after we opened the envelope to find out we were having a boy!

I also framed a page from a book that Nick’s mom filled out for him when he was a kid. I thought it would be cute for Baby Moss to see what his daddy liked when he was a kid.

We also left a few frames empty for pictures of the babe when he arrives. Here is a picture of the whole wall. The ‘Made with Love’ sign was a gift from my grandmother. It was originally pink and aqua so I just painted the wooden letters navy to match the rest of the nursery. I love how the wall came out! What do you think?


Quick weekend project: Guest bathroom

Nick and I have been wanting to redo our guest bathroom for a while now. When we bought our condo we were told we could only choose 3 paint colors with no additional cost. We choose a light beige for the living room, half bath, guest bathroom, and the 3rd floor since they all flowed together and a light blue for the master and a light green for the guest room. We love the color in all the rooms except the guest bathroom. Since there are no windows in that bathroom, the color tended to look more orangey than we wanted. We have talked about repainting the bathroom for a while but painting is not our favorite thing to do especially after my month-long stripe hallway project and 10 hour plus nursery stencil project. Needless to say, I did not want to paint again for a long time.

So when Nick offered to do most of the painting, I was on board! A few weeks ago we took a trip to Ikea to get some things for the nursery and to get our supplies for the bathroom. The Home Depot was right next door so we got some paint and shelves and then started our weekend project. We wanted the bathroom to feel much lighter so we ended up getting Behr Ice Cube which is a light mint green.

In the before picture below you can see how the lights made the room look orangey. The shower curtain and accessories were from Target. For our wedding we registered for white and blue towels so when I was first buying accessories for the guest bathroom, I wanted to find a shower curain that would go with the blue towels.

We started the project by putting painters tape around the bathtub, the door, the trim and vanity. We couldn’t put tape on the ceiling since we knew it would peel off with the tape since it happened with our stripe project and the nursery stencil. I ended up just cutting in with a paint brush before Nick got in there with the roller.

And here are the after pictures. We moved the hand towel hook to the other side of the medicine cabinet and bought some smaller floating shelves from Home Depot for more storage. This is the bathroom that our baby will use along with our guests so we knew we needed some more storage. The shower curtain we got as a wedding gift but never used.We took a trip to Target to get a new floor mat, soap dispenser, toothbrush cup, and small baskets for the shelves.

The baskets have extra hand towels and washclothes. The Mason jars are left over from my sister’s wedding and have cotton balls and qtips. We got the clear vase, fake flowers, the candle holder and tall white vase from Ikea.

This is the small wall across from the toilet. That picture was actually in the bathroom that my brother and I shared in middle school and high school and then Nick and I had it in our last apartment together.

We love the transformation! It makes it look a lot bigger and brighter. We still can’t believe how a can of paint and some new accessories completely changed the room. What do you think?




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