Nursery closet curtains

Hi everyone! I am back with some nursery updates. We have been working hard on the nursery since our little baby will be arriving in 2.5 months! I can’t believe how soon he will be here!

One project I knew I had to tackle was the closet in the room. The closet originally had bifold doors but because we needed to utilize every inch in the room for nursery furniture, I wanted to replace those doors with curtains so we wouldn’t have to worry about leaving a few inches for the doors to open. Plus I thought it would be a good way to bring some more pattern and color into the room. Here is the closet before when it was still a guest room:

The colors of the nursery are going to be green, grey, navy and aqua. We also decided to do a elephant theme for the nursery so when I found some elephant fabric at JoAnn Fabrics that had those colors and some elephants I knew it would be perfect for the closet curtains.

I got the idea for closet curtains from Young House Love and since I don’t sew, their no-sew instructions were very helpful. We started by installing a closet rod which I found at home depot, I wanted to make sure to use a rod that was screwed to the wall because I was afraid a tension shower curtain rod would fall. After the rod was installed, I measured the height of the closet to see how long the curtains would need to be and added 1″ on each end for the trimming and 3″ on top for the rod pocket. For the width, I just used the full width of the fabric which was around 43″ and made sure to get enough fabric for 2 panels (instead of cutting the width in half). I ended up with two 86″ panels.

The first step was to use Heat N’ Bond iron on hem tape to make a clean-looking edge on the long sides of the panel. Since I used the width of the fabric, I just measured an inch down the whole panel and used sewing pins to give me an idea of where the edge would be. After putting the pins in, I ironed the sides and took the pins out so I would have a crease to work with. (Note: I had my crafty friend Lauren come over to help me out with this project)

The crease after the pins were ironed and removed:

I then put the Heat N’ Bond hem tape under the crease and ironed it first to the panel and then took the white paper off and ironed it to the to the creased piece of fabric.

Step 1: iron the tape to the panel

Step 2: take the white paper off and iron the fold down

I used this same method for all the long sides of the panels along with the top and bottom edges of the panel. The last step was making the rod pocket so it would hang in the closet. For this we measured 3 inches from the top edge in order to accomodate the rod and then we used more Heat N’ Bond to make the pocket.

It was now time to hang the panels! Please excuse the awkwardly placed bookcase, we were still working on the layout of the nursery furniture.

I LOVED them!!!

I wanted the panels to be pinned back so I could see everything in the closet and not have to open them everytime I went in there. So I made 2 loops out of some leftover seersucker fabric (from a no-sew pillow project I will show later) and used some more of the Heat N’ Bond hem tape.

I then used some velcro squares to close the loop around the panels.

And here it is finished!

Before and After:

As you can see on the right side of the closet we have to keep some of our clothes in the closet since we don’t have any room left in our closet but we still have plently of room for Baby Moss’ clothes.

Hope you like the curtains as much as we do!


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