Nursery stencil

I am slowly starting to work on the guestroom-turned-nursery now that we are getting closer to d-day. The first DIY project I wanted to get out of the way was stenciling an accent wall on the far wall. I have seen so many other bloggers do stencils in their home so I wanted to try it for myself.

The walls of the guestroom are green (we chose this color before we moved in knowing that we wanted it to be a kids room down the line) so I wanted to do the stencil with white paint. I am planning on bringing a lot of patterns and colors into the room so I didn’t want the wall to be too busy with multiple colors.

I bought a stencil from along with their stencil kit which included a small brush, a foam roller and a stencil level that attachs to the top of the stencil. The level helps to make sure that your stencil is straight throughout the whole wall.

Here is the wall before the stencil:

The first step is to use painters tape to tape off the baseboards, ceiling and side walls that you dont want stenciled. Since we have had problems with the paint on our walls being pulled up with painters tape (read about our stripe project here) I had to be really careful around the side walls and ceiling since I didn’t want to use painters tape on those walls. The next step is to use painters tape to tape the stencil to the wall making sure it is straight with the stencil level.

It is then time to paint, the trick to painting an even coat on the stencil is to get the roller completely coated in the paint and then roll it over a paper towel to dry out the roller a little. Too much paint on your roller will cause the paint to drip through the stencil. You want to use a paper plate as your paint tray so you don’t get any bumps or texture on your roller like you would with a regular paint tray.

Then it is as simple as rolling a few coats on your stencil.

Because I was painting white on top of green, I had to do a few coats to make sure the green wasn’t showing through.

Another great tip that I got from other blogs is to use baby wipes to clean up any paint that might have dripped through. I had baby wipes by my side the whole time to help clean up any excess paint.

After I completed each stencil I just lifted the painters tape and moved the stencil up or over to continue the pattern. The key is to line up part of the stencil with what you already painted and use the level to make sure it is straight. In the picture below you can see I am overlapping the pattern from below and on the side to make sure the patterns continues smoothly. I had to clean the stencil after 4-5 times because then the paint started to build up and effect the pattern.

For all those worried- I had all 4 windows in the room wide open to keep it ventilated so the fumes wouldn’t harm me or baby M. However, I chose the wrong day to do this because it was also about 90 degrees out but I survived and I made sure I was very hydrated.

The middle section of the wall was the easiest because I just had to move the stencil around, it was the edges, the top and bottom that took patience. I had to bend the stencil in order to continue the patterns on the sides. I used the small brush that was in the stencil kit to complete those corners because it was almost impossible to get the roller in there without getting paint all over the adjoining wall.

The stencil also came with a smaller panel that made it much easier to complete the bottom and top of the stencil.

And now for what you have all been waiting for… the FINISHED wall:

It was hard to get a good picture of the whole wall since we still had the queen size bed in there but here are some pics when we put the bed back. I also completed that last little part of the stencil at the top of the wall after that picture was taken. I was so tired of stenciling that night, I didn’t think it would bother me if that little part was not completed. But I am Type A and it was annoying me for weeks so one Saturday I got all my stencil stuff out and completed it. It was probably the hardest section to do out of the whole wall but I love the completed look. Sorry for the lighting I took these pics at night with my extra flash so it’s not all true to color.

The wall probably took me 11 hours total and it is definately not perfect (please don’t come over and look too closely) but I love it and I hope our baby will too. I plan on putting the crib and possibly the glider on this wall but we still need to figure the baby furniture.

Hope you like it as much as we do!


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