It has been forever!

Hi Everyone!

I am so sorry for being MIA for the last 2 months! Summer has been busy and we have been traveling and enjoying the nice weather!

Here are some hilights from the last few months:

We spent Memorial Day in New Hampshire:

Had a birthday party for Nick at our condo:

We went to our neighbors wedding in St. Louis. They moved to Boston after college but went to school together at St Louis University, it was fun to see a new city! We had a blast and are so lucky to have such amazing neighbors!

We spent July 4th in New Hampsire on the lake with our family and friends.

The weekend after the 4th we had an engagement party in NH for our friend Carter and her new fiance Bryan.

The happy couple and all our friends from New Hampshire at the party:

And last but certainly not least… we told all our family and friends that we are expecting our first baby!

We found out the sex by going out to a nice dinner and opening a card we gave the nurse to write down the sex. We both thought we were having a boy so we were very thrilled to find out we were right!!

I am 20 weeks now but this is what I looked like 2 weeks ago. I have been taking pictures throughout my pregnancy so I will keep you updated as I grow!

Hope you all enjoyed my blog catch-up. I have many DIY projects in the works for the nursery so I will be updating the blog a lot more often! Thanks for following!


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