Patio furniture

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long but we have been busy traveling, working and enjoying the nice weather!

I wanted to update you on our outdoor porch since it is officially summer and we will be using it a lot more over the next few months. When we moved in about a year ago we just brought over the outdoor rug and small table and chairs that we had at our old apartment. It was perfect for when the two of us just wanted to have dinner and drinks outside but was not ideal for when we had guests come over.

Last summer we brought out the bench and chairs from our dining table to allow for additional seating. It worked for a while but I really wanted a sectional so we could use the most out of our small deck and fit as many people as possible.

Here is what our deck like before:

We had been looking online at different sectionals but they all ranged anywhere from $1200- 2500 and we were not looking to spend that much money. So when Nick came home from a night at Mohegan Sun with $800 he had won while playing craps, I knew that money was going towards some new furniture! Nick did some more research and found a sectional that would fit on our small deck for only $700 from Ikea. We made sure it was in stock at our Ikea and took a drive.

Thankfully we had my parents Tahoe that weekend because otherwise it would never have fit in our small car. We also stoped at Target to pick up a new outdoor rug, a small table and some colorful pillows since the Ikea sectional was a light tan color.

When we got home we started putting together our new furniture. There’s the hubby putting together the middle piece.

The best part was when we were putting away our old stuff and our neighbor across the way happened to be outside and asked if we were selling it. We told her we were planning on either giving it away or selling it for $20 on craigslist since we got it from Bed, Bath & Beyond a few years ago. She said she was looking to buy the exact set and wanted to give us $40 for it, she would not listen when we told her she only needed to pay $20 so we were pretty happy about the sell!

Here are some after pictures:

 The next day we went to Lowe’s and bought an umbrella since there is no shade on the deck. I am as pasty as they get so I need some sun protection!

Now for the side by side picture:

What do you think?

We have already used it a bunch and we plan on having friends over all summer!


3 thoughts on “Patio furniture

  1. I came over from Melissas blog to yours, and I read through all your posts 🙂
    I have been to Boston in 1999 and liked it very much (I am from Germany).

    Looking forward to your next postings,
    greets, Alex

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