Organizing our pantry!

When we started looking for a condo in Boston last January, we never thought in our wildest dreams that we would have a pantry. We knew we would be lucky if we even had room for a kitchen table! So needless to say, a pantry was not on our wishlist.

You can imagine our surprise when we not only got 2 parking spots in South Boston (if you know Boston, that is a BIG deal!) but also a pretty good size pantry in our kitchen! We were beyond thrilled!

We had enough room for all our food and our kitchen cabinets fit all our new wedding gifts and even our China. However, even with all that extra room we still seemed to clutter up the pantry with food and baking needs. Pantry organization has been a big topic among other bloggers recently so I had tons of inspiration…

Look at this beautiful pantry from House of Smiths:

And this one from Shannon at Burlap and Lace:

Here is a picture of our pantry before:

I then took out all the food:

We kept the middle three shelves for food and the other shelves for our KitchenAid, slow cooker, liquor and other extra things.

We went to a few stores but ended up getting baskets from Target and canisters from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

We also made chalkboard tags for the baskets to label what was inside. I bought round wooden circles from A.C. Moore and painted them with our leftover chalkboard paint. Nick then drilled a small hole in each of them and I used twine from Home Depot to hang them. I also ordered some cute chalkboard labels from Bradens Grace to label all the jars.

Below are some pictures of the finished product:


We also labeled the jars on our counter so they would match the pantry jars (I am a huge fan of matching!)

So what do you think? I personally love it! If you know me, you know I am an organization freak so this project was one of my favorite. I love knowing where everything is while also hiding the clutter!


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