Bathroom art

The walls of our half bathroom were in desperate need of some artwork. I had bought some frames at Ikea a while back but wasn’t sure what I would put in them. I was thinking of maybe putting some scenic pictures in them but I just let them sit around until I was inspired by something.

A few weekends ago I spent the day with my grandmother and little did I know she would help to inspire my bathroom artwork. During my visit she gave me a booklet of drawings that her mother had collected a long time ago. It was a collection of drawings of Boston from 1878. I am not sure when my great grandmother put it together but I am sure it was a very long time ago, just from the look of it. As you can see she attached all the pages together with a safety pin!

I then chose 3 drawings out of the book to frame and carefully cut them out of the book. I used some scrapbook paper as the background for the pictures.

Here are the pictures close up:

South Station circa 1878

 Corner of Summer street and Washington street. The right building is now the Macy’s in downtown crossing.

Tremont Street by Park Street T Station

They really complete our half bathroom and I love seeing what Boston looked like in 1878 compared to nowadays! I hope my grandmother like them too 🙂

– Katy


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