New valences!

We bought curtains and panels for almost all our windows before we moved in to our condo last April but we left the 3rd floor windows untouched. We had bought valences for the room before moving in but we ended up returning them because the color did not work with the rest of the room. So after we did our desk space over, I wanted the space to be completed with valences.

We decided to do valences instead of panels or roman shades because the ceiling is not very high and we already have shades installed in each window. We wanted the valences to make the windows look bigger and still let in lots of light. We love that our condo has so many windows and is always sunny no matter what time of day (other than the winter when it is pitch dark by the time we get home).

I searched for months for valences that would match our room and my style but could not find anything. Then I came across Jan’s website, Sew Panache, on Etsy and fell in love with her work. I got in contact with her and asked if she could custom make valences for my windows. Our 3rd floor has one window by itself on the left and then two windows basically connected on the right. Not only did she make valences to fit my windows, she also made them out of fabric that I picked out. I ordered some pillow covers and wanted the valences to match so I held the fabric up to the window and sent it along to Jan.

Jan said she could get me that fabric and make them to fit our windows. She did an amazing job!

Here is a before picture (sorry for the mess, we were in the middle of organizing our desk area):

And another after… I really need a new camera haha

I also had Jan make us a valence for the window in our hallway at the bottom of the stairs on the way up to the 3rd floor. It helps to make the two spaces flow together better.

If anyone needs curtains/valences/panels made, I would highly recommend Jan!

– Katy


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