Desk re-do

When we first moved to our condo in May we decided to hold off on upgrading our desk since we knew we would get money back from Jordan’s furniture to buy a new one. We bought all the furniture for our condo at Jordan’s furniture and it just happened that they were having a special deal. Jordan’s had a huge sign up in Fenway Park and if someone from the Red Sox hit the blown up baseball on that sign, we would have received all the money back that we spent. If they didn’t hit the ball by the end of the season, we would get 20% of what we spent to use at Jordan’s in the future. The sign was never hit (since it is almost impossible) so we received 20% back to spend on things we needed at Jordan’s. We ended up getting a new desk, file cabinet, desk chair and a rug for our room with the money.

Here is a picture of our old desk that I had as a child. We just put the desk in our media room until we bought the new one. As you can see we were in desperate need of a bigger desk since our computer took up most of the counter.

Below are some pictures of the desk area after we got our new desk and file cabinet. We also bought some silver floating shelves to hold more desk stuff and for decoration. Those white pails we found at Ikea, they were supposed to hold kitchen utensils but I thought they would look great in our desk area and would hold pens/markers/ scissors. We also bought those cork circles from Ikea, they were supposed to be pot holders so I superglued some extra ribbon we had from our wedding and made some tacks and now we have a place to put post-its and other reminders.

Here are some close up pics of the shelves. I put a candle and flowers in the painted vases I made and got some storage folders/boxes.

The calendar in the above pic was made by one of my friends, Lauren. She and my friend Amber make them and I was lucky enough to get one as a gift a few years ago. So cute! I also put some pictures from our wedding, our cake topper, and the little jar of well wishes from our wedding on the shelves.

I still have a few more things I would like to add to the space but I love it so far! I hope you do too!

– Katy


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