My first Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a delicious meal with your friends and family.

This year I hosted thanksgiving dinner at our condo for Nick’s mom and her fiance. I wouldn’t exactly say I am a cook (except recently I have been trying to be) so this was a big deal for me. I talked to my mother, who is basically Martha Stewart, for weeks about what I was going to make. She gave me some recipes and then I was left to cook on my own.

I started by setting the table so it would look nice before our guests arrived. This was one of the first times we used out china so I was happy to put it out for the feast.

Nick helped with the turkey, he found a betty crocker recipe online and it turned out delicious. It was really moist and had a lot of flavor to it. We were just happy we didn’t ruin the bird haha.

I made my mother’s mashed potato and stuffing recipe which ended up tasting very similar to hers… I was very proud of myself. Nick’s mom also brought some of the sides so we had a complete meal. I realized that the hardest part about Thanksgiving is making sure all the food was hot at the same time, we were taking things in and out of the oven for the last 10 minutes just to warm it up. Everything turned out delicious and I was very happy with the outcome 🙂

Cooking thanksgiving dinner isn’t that bad but I can’t imagine doing it for more than 4 people so I hope I won’t have to for a long time (remember my mom is Martha Stewart).

– Katy



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