Bathroom art

Sorry it has been awhile but I have been CRAZY busy with schoolwork and we all know Nick will never write a post again… oh well I will carry the blog burden in this household.

We love our bathroom but it was lacking artwork on the right wall behind the door. I got the idea from Courtney O (she gives me a lot of home inspiration) to frame scrapbook paper. That way you get some color and patterns on the walls without spending a lot of money. We went to Ikea and got a few white frames and I took a trip to JoAnns with Lauren since Nick hates going with me (understandable) to get some scrapbook paper. I picked out 4 patterns because I couldn’t decide which ones would look the best in our bathroom.

We ended up not using the blue polka dot pattern because our walls are already blue so we thought it would be too much.

Here is a picture of the frames in our bathroom. For those of you who haven’t been to our condo this is the wall opposide of our vanity and toilet next to the shower. It is a small bathroom so it was hard to take a picture of the whole bathroom plus the door covers these frames when it is open.

After a few weeks I put the borders back in and decided I liked this better. It makes it look more like artwork with the borders.

The thing that makes this even better is that we can replace the paper whenever we want to create new artwork. I wish we could find paper with bigger patterns (rather than these small patterns) but I will be looking whenever I go into craft stores.

– Katy


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