Painted Jars

This weekend we went to Jordan’s Furniture and Ikea to get some things for our office space on the 3rd floor. It will be a long process so we will update you when it is complete. But while we were at Ikea I bought some jars to do this quick project. I first saw this idea on Burlap and Lace and thought it would be a great way to add some color to our built-in office space.

You can use any jars but since I didn’t have any lying around, I bought these at Ikea for about $3 each.

I then bought some paint at Home Depot to pour into the jars. I used pastel colors because I liked the way the jars looked on the other blog. I just bought the sample jars of paint because they only cost $3 and had more than enough paint. I could probably do a million more jars so if anyone wants to borrow please ask!

I then poured some of the paint into the bottom of the jar and added a little water. The trick to to add less water (it took me 2 tries to get it right). Then you just swish the mixer around to coat the whole jar and turn it upside down to let the excess paint drip out.

After you let the paint drip out for a few minutes, use a blowdryer to dry the paint. You do not want to leave the jars upside down for longer because all the paint will drip out.

I will either put fake flowers or a candle in these once our office shelves are up. Do NOT put real flowers in these jars because the paint will come off if you add water.

This is an easy way to spruce up any jar 🙂 It would also be a cute idea for holiday gifts.

– Katy


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