Pillow upgrade

Our master bedroom is still a work in progress but I got one step closer this weekend with some new pillow cases. Here is what the bed looked like before:

I had two new pillows that I planned on using on the bed but it took a lot of searching and shopping to find some new shams. I wanted the shams to be either brown or tan to bring in the other colors in the curtains. So when I came across Marimekko shams on Crate & Barrel for sale, I was beyond thrilled! They were both tan and brown and they were on sale!

When they finally came in the mail I couldn’t wait to go into our basement and get the pillows so I could see the final product.

I loved it! Oh and remember our trip to the LL Bean outlet? Well that is where I got that cute bolster pillow (I guess thats what tubular-like pillow is called). Here is a closer look at our new pillows:

We still need to add artwork and some other touches to the room but I am happy our pillow situation is over with 🙂

If we have any readers, what do you think?

– Katy


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