Irene… why not make whoopie pies

The weekend of hurricane Irene I was in Newport for a bachelorette party but unfortunately on Saturday night we decided to leave after the residents and businesses were asked to evacuate.

The storm was supposed to hit Boston on Sunday but it wasn’t nearly as bad as they predicted. We bunkered down in our condo and watched TV and hung out until Nick decided I should bake something before the power went out.

After searching our pantry I found a pumpkin whoopie pie mix we had bought at Crate & Barrel.

It came with 2 bags of mix; one for the pies and one for the filling.

Since I just had to add a few ingredients, it wasn’t very hard to make but they were delicious.

We never ended up losing power but atleast we had our pumpkin whoopie pies..

If you ever find that mix again, I would highly suggest buying it 🙂

 – Katy


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