Our trip to Maine!

Sorry we have been so slow with this blog but school just started up for me again so I am swamped with school work and class. Nick refuses to do his own posts so I guess this blog will only survive if I continue to write posts… maybe one day I will convince him since this was HIS idea haha oh well.

We bought a Groupon a few months ago to this cute Inn in Southport, Maine and just used it last week. We went up on Sunday and spent the next two nights in Maine.

On Sunday we stopped in Kittery on our way up to shop and grab some lunch. After going to a few stores we drove down the road and found Yummies, the most amazing candy store anyone can imagine. I have seen their store featured on Phantom Gourmet many times and always wanted to go but never thought we would make the trip up to Maine to get candy. As most of you know, we both LOVE candy hence the candy bar at our wedding so this was a great find ūüôā I mean look how happy I am in those delicious candy aisles…

We bought caramel bulleyes, gummy strawberries, runts, and chewy sprees. The bags were pretty big so we thought that would be enough to cover our short trip in Maine.

After we did some more shopping in Kittery we headed to Freeport to check out the LLBean campus which includes every type of product they sell from hunting and fishing to their home store. Nick had never been and who doesn’t love the LLBean boot?

After our quick stop in Freeport we headed to our Inn to check-in and have some dinner. We stayed at the Newagon Seaside Inn in Southport which was right outside of Boothbay Harbor about 3 hours from Boston.

The Inn was built in 1943 and had a lot of character but Nick was not the biggest fan. The first room they gave us was connected to an adjoining room and since the Inn is so old, we could hear our neighbors as clear as day when they were having a normal conversation. Nick soon got us another room that also had an adjoining room but no one was staying there our first night so we dealt with it. It was a cute room but it did not have a TV which was another negative for Nick…

Here he is pretending to be happy while lying on our bed…

Even though Nick was not the happiest of campers at least we got to see this beautiful sunset over the ocean when we arrived.

With the Groupon we also got free breakfast both mornings and a free dinner in their dining room. We decided to use the free dinner our first night and it was actually very good. We both got to choose one appetizer, a salad, entree, and a dessert needless to say we were both very full afterwards.

We spent the whole next day exploring Boothbay Harbor which was an adorable New England town with tons of galleries, seafood restaurants, and beautiful views of the ocean.

We also drove up the road to Wiscasset which has a little take-out stand called Red’s Eats which is one of the most well-known and most written about restaurants in the state. It is known for their lobster rolls that are stuffed with tons of delicious lobster… not that I would know since I don’t eat lobster but that is what the reviews say ha. We were there at 3:30pm on a Monday during off season and the line was down the street, I can’t imagine how busy it gets during the peak of the summer especially on the weekends.. it must really be worth it.

After exploring for the day we went back to our Inn and took a walk around their beautiful property. They had a pool, hot tub, fire pit and access to the water along with a game room which had candlepin bowling. Unfortunately we did not bowl even though I should get some practice in before bowling season starts in a few weeks.

That night we went into Boothbay Harbor for dinner and decided to try Amore Bistro which was an italian restaurant. I was sick of ordering the only non-seafood dish at all the restaurants and we had a great experience! Our server was so sweet and the owner even gave us a free glass of wine to complement our dinners. We were one of the only people in the restaurant which allowed us to talk to the staff and learn more about Boothbay Harbor and their restaurant. If you are even in the area I would suggest it!

The next day we had our breakfast and headed back to Boston since I had about 300 pages of reading to do and class at 7:15pm… oh the joys of getting your masters. We had a great time in Maine but if we ever decide to go back to that area I think we will choose a hotel with real walls and a tv haha.

– Katy


Irene… why not make whoopie pies

The weekend of hurricane Irene I was in Newport for a bachelorette party but unfortunately on Saturday night we decided to leave after the residents and businesses were asked to evacuate.

The storm was supposed to hit Boston on Sunday but it wasn’t nearly as bad as they predicted. We bunkered down in our condo and watched TV and hung out until Nick decided I should bake something before the power went out.

After searching our pantry I found a pumpkin whoopie pie mix we had bought at Crate & Barrel.

It came with 2 bags of mix; one for the pies and one for the filling.

Since I just had to add a few ingredients, it wasn’t very hard to make but they were delicious.

We never ended up losing power but atleast we had our pumpkin whoopie pies..

If you ever find that mix again, I would highly suggest buying it ūüôā