Bookshelf update: The Reveal!

After all our painting and shopping we are finally ready to reveal our finished product! First let me remind you what our bookselves looked like before we moved in:

And this is what it looked like for the first few months when we just threw random stuff up there:

And this is what it looks like now:

We filled the shelves with some new items from our trips to home stores along with some things we already owned.

On this side we added the baskets to hold our DVDs, bought a decorative green vase/bottle, and added a bookend and that white articoke. We already owned that wedding statue that I got as a gift for my wedding shower along with some pictures we already had framed and added books and photo albuums.

On this shelf we bought another basket to hold the rest of our DVDs, bought some figurines and animals and added in some books and frames. The wooden box is Nick’s humidor for his cigars and there is a plate my great aunt made us with our wedding invite on the back. See those flowers in that yellow vase? Those were a dozen pink roses Nick gave me for our first Valentine’s day together a few years ago!

I am now in love with out bookselves and altough I am sure I will switch things out over the years, I am happy with how it turned out. Hope you guys like it too!

– Katy


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