Well here we go!

Welcome everyone, and by everyone I mean the random people who somehow stumbled upon this little slice of the internet. Welcome to Kickittogether, a fun little blog highlighting us (newlyweds Katy and Nick) and what life brings to us daily, weekly or maybe monthly if we get really lazy.We (Katy and Nick, get it Kick!) have been married for almost a year and soon became fast friends over meatlovers pizza and cheesy reality TV. That love for food and horrible TV  blossomed and Katy quickly (6 months, yes I’m crazy) found herself with a cold breakfast and a stuttering boyfriend asking for her hand in marriage (more on that later). We thought this blog would be fun way to share our experiences as newlyweds with everyone out there. Expect to see a little bit of everything on here. One day you might see a post about a new recipe that we found, a do it yourself project Katy has talked me into doing, or something fun and exciting we come upon that we want to share with everyone. So sit back and don’t hold your breathe… this may not be as awesome as we think, but we’ll give it a try.



2 thoughts on “Well here we go!

    • Kick, What a super way to begin your Blog! I love what you did and thank your old dear friend for ‘staying’ an extra day to help you out! Can’t wait to read and see more.

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